Petlas Adds Industrial and OTR Tires

Dec. 29, 2017

Petlas Tire Corp. has added radial grader, earthmover and loader tires to its wide industrial and OTR tire range.

In the radial OTR range, the Turkish tire manufacturer is offering Ptx ND31, Ptx L31-Ptx L41, Ptx L42 and Ptx L43 tread patterns.

Ptx ND31

The Ptx ND31 is a multi-purpose radial industrial tire developed especially for backhoe loaders used in construction areas, providing excellent traction, longevity, resistance to damage and high carrying capacities.

Petlas says the Ptx ND31 is designed for all industrial-heavy duty needs and is suitable for all digging and loading operations under vehicles such as telehandlers, compact loaders and backhoe loaders. The Ptx ND31 is available in sizes 340/80 R18, 440/80 R28, 405/70 R20, 460/70 R24 and 400/70 R20.

Ptx L31 (E3-L3) and Ptx L41 (L3)                     

Ptx L31 (E3-L3) and Ptx L41 (L3) all-steel radial tires are resistant to all kind of damages and designed to use under loaders and articulated trucks. The patterns design of Ptx L31 (E3-L3) and Ptx L41 (L3) are the same.

Petlas says the Ptx L41 pattern has more cut resistance than Ptx L31. The pattern has efficient self-clean features thanks to special grooving geometry. The inter-connected block design protects the integrity of blocks on all kind of surfaces. Size 26.5 R25 is available for both products now. Sizes 20.5 R25, 23.5 R25 and 29.5 R25 are under development now.

Ptx L42

The Ptx L42 is a radial all-steel tire suitable for grader applications. Ptx L42 is resistant to tears and wears in worksites and on challenging roads in all kind of weather conditions. The company says specially formulated tread composition and whole steel carcass offer longevity.

Ptx L43 (E3-G3)

Ptx L43 (E3-G3) is suitable to use on muddy and sandy surfaces, according to Petlas. Its all-steel construction provides durability and resistance to cuts and wears. It offers high traction, balanced steering and ultimate performance in construction areas. 17.5 R25 size is available in Ptx L43 pattern now.

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