Coker Tire Receives Supplier Award from Antique Automobile Club of America

Feb. 19, 2016

The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) has presented its inaugural Automotive Supplier Award to Coker Tire Co. Wade Kawasaki, Coker Tire COO and president, accepted the award.

The AACA presents the Automotive Supplier Award to a supplier or merchant of automotive restoration parts or components which upholds the originality of vehicles as they were delivered from the dealer.  “The Antique Car Club of America is proud to have selected Coker Tire as our first ever recipient of the Automotive Supplier Award,” says Steve Moskowitz, executive director.

The award was established in 2015 by the Hornets Nest Region of Charlotte, N.C., to honor Dennis Carpenter – an innovator in providing original reproduction equipment Ford parts.

“Our board could not think of a more worthy firm as the name Coker Tire comes immediately to mind when talking about the vast history of the hobby," says Moskowitz.  "Without the production of these specialty tires our hobby would not exist and we are grateful to the Coker family for their storied dedication to the hobby and to AACA.  We are very proud to have had Harold Coker as our 1972 national president.”

Since 1958, the Coker Tire has supplied collector vehicle enthusiasts with bias ply and radial tires and wheels for many applications. Brands include Firestone, Michelin, U.S. Royal and BFGoodrich.

“I am honored that Coker Tire has received the Automotive Supplier Award this year,” says Kawasaki. “We at Coker Tire are pleased to be acknowledged with this inaugural award by the long-standing and prestigious AACA. We hold the club and its members in the highest of regards and we want to thank them for choosing to recognize us with this special award.”

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