TGI Helps Earthquake Victims in Ecuador

April 26, 2016

Tire Group International (TGI) is urging its customers, vendors and colleagues to help victims affected by the April 16 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Ecuador. The death total is in the hundreds with thousands more injured.

Donations are needed such as nonperishable foods, clothing, shoes and bedding in good condition, bottled water and sports drinks, mattresses, tents, awnings and hygiene supplies. TGI is working with the Consulate of Ecuador in Miami to coordinate arrangements for sending the donations to the earthquake victims.

“The situation in Ecuador is especially desperate right now.” Joaquin Gonzalez Jr., president of TGI, says. “With such close ties to the Ecuadorian community, the TGI team immediately banded together to begin collecting donations. Since Monday, the TGI family has donated truckloads of bedding sheets, clothing for children to adults, baby diapers, first aid kits, rubbing alcohol, canned goods, crackers, cookies, water, and Gatorade."

If you wish to help, TGI says to send supplies c/o the Consulate of Ecuador in Miami at:

Oficinas de Provex Inc.

7061 NW 87th Ave.

Miami, FL 33178