Dayco Looks to the Future With New Tagline

May 4, 2016

Dayco Products LLC has unveiled a new tagline as part of its global brand strategy: "Move forward. Always."

“At Dayco, our mission is to improve the way the world moves, always," says Brian Wheeler, corporate marketing and communications manager for Dayco. "The company’s new tagline ‘Move Forward. Always.’ is an invitation for our associates, customers, and other partners to always look to the future.

“For more than 110 years, Dayco has endured, but not by waiting for change to come to us. We push ourselves to always look and think ahead, and the company’s new tagline defines the company’s ability to push the boundaries of endurance with its products, systems, services and customer relationships.”

Dayco also has established a new identity statement that explains how the company creates value as one enterprise. "Dayco improves how the world moves by creating products, systems and relationships that endure."

“The Dayco identity statement serves as a framework for decision making as well as a leadership platform,” says John Bohenick, CEO for Dayco. “Taken together, Dayco’s four core capacities – ‘a drive to Innovate, an instinct for pushing the boundaries of endurance, a bias toward system dynamics, and an urge to serve’ – define the identity of the company and its potential to create value.”

The unveiling of Dayco’s new identity statement and tagline come as the company continues working to strengthen its brand identity and marketing communications strategy globally and act as one Dayco.

“Dayco has a balanced approach to build an even better business, which includes organic profitable growth, geographic expansion, and strategic partnerships and acquisitions, all built on a foundation of operational excellence. To meet these goals, we must continue to move forward, always,” says Bohenick.

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