New Arnco fill uses 50% less oil

Oct. 27, 2008

Arnco's environmentally friendly Ecofil tire fill product uses 50% less oil during its production process. Ecofil has won the approval of several original equipment manufacturers, says Arnco President Larry Carapellotti.

In addition, "patents have been applied for and field and independent lab testing have been successfully completed on this technology."

The product is available in two other configurations, depending on the durometer that end users require:

1. Ecoflex, the softest level, which "is great for skid steer equipment."

2. Ecofil HD, designed for severe loads. This product works to minimize the tire's flexing.

Five "beta dealers" across the country are currently using Ecofil, says Carapellotti. "They're all up and running. By the end of the month, we'll start introducing the product on a regional basis."

Ecofil is not available to non-Arnco dealers, he adds.