Continental Bundles TPMS Tool and REDI-Sensor

May 31, 2023

Continental Automotive Systems Inc. is offering TPMS tool bundles that combine Autodiagnos TPMS tools with Continental's REDI-Sensor TPMS sensors in a single package.

Peter Dobrowolski, product manager for TPMS and TPMS tools, says, “Autodiagnos TPMS Tools and REDI-Sensor TPMS Sensors were engineered to work together flawlessly, so our bundle promo is a natural. Plus, the bundles represent hundreds of dollars in savings compared to the individual product pricing, and having Autodiagnos and REDI-Sensor on hand lets shops tackle TPMS service with the utmost confidence and speed.”

One bundle combines the Autodiagnos TPMS D Tool with a mix of 24 REDI-Sensors: four each of the SE10005 and SE10008 and eight each of the SE10006 and SE10007.

The other bundle includes the Autodiagnos TPMS SE Tool with a mix of 12 REDI-Sensors: two each of the SE10005 and SE10008 and four each of the SE10006 and SE10007.

Both tools trigger, diagnose and read every OE and aftermarket passenger vehicle sensor. The D Tool provides full TPMS diagnostics and can read and clear codes. While in OBD-II mode, it relearns sensors in less than two minutes. The SE Tool has relearn coverage for more than 95% of domestic, Asian and European passenger vehicles.

Both tools come with five years of free software updates.

Four REDI-Sensor products cover most vehicles from 2002 to 2023 and replace more than 300 OE sensors for 225 million-plus vehicles in operation.