Sailun Tire Americas Ramps Up RoadX

June 12, 2023

Sailun Tire Americas’ (STA) RoadX line now includes five consumer tires, with a sixth on the way, as STA expands the RoadX brand’s range. 

“RoadX has been available in the North American market for over five years as a medium truck tire,” says Christine Rouleau, director of sales, channel development, STA. 

The new RoadX consumer tire line “began last year with the RoadX RXMotion MX440, which is our all-season broadline, available in 53 sizes, along with the RXQuest AT QX12, which is our all-terrain tire, available in 35 sizes. Both have been extremely well-received.”  

“We also launched the RXQuest C11, which is a C-type tire designed for last-mile delivery available in the top three sizes. That market continues to grow rapidly.” 

“We just released the RXQuest HT HX01 and the RXMotion SUV UX01, rounding out the initial launch. The next pattern to come will be an R/T tire, which is expected at the end of the year.” 

“We’re positioning the RoadX brand for its unbeatable value, quality product (and) the latest in tread designs, offering over 90% market coverage.”

RoadX consumer tires are manufactured “at our state-of-the-art factory in Cambodia” and are “designed in North America for North America and at prices that reach the end consumer very well.” 

RoadX brand commercial tires are made at STA's plant in Vietnam.

Development of the RoadX consumer tire line “goes hand in hand with the expansion of our Cambodia plant. That capacity coming online is what has allowed us to move forward with the program and product development.” 

The RoadX consumer line is available through the Independent Tire Dealers Group LLC (ITDG), "with continued expansion plans in future markets,” according to Rouleau. (“There are ITDG members who have carried the RoadX truck tire line for years,” she notes.) 

“We have had conversations over the years with ITDG to get them a program, preferably under the RoadX brand. ITDG is a great partner to help launch the RoadX consumer tire program as it has a network of independent tire dealers across the country. 

“Our mission is to be as close to retail as we can, so ITDG is a great fit for that mandate and a great starting point. Their network is growing nationally.” 

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