Continental Unveils ContiCityPlus Concept

Sept. 21, 2023

Continental AG says its new Conti CityPlus concept tire can deliver a 10% boost in energy efficiency.

"The results are lower (carbon dioxide) emissions from passenger cars with combustion engines and longer driving ranges for electric vehicles," according to Continental officials. 

The Conti CityPlus concept tire "is especially beneficial for electric vehicles because their higher torque and weight additionally amplify energy loss in tires."

The product "is based on Continental's EcoContact 6 series tire. It has been specially engineered to offer high mileage and low rolling resistance.

"To achieve higher overall energy efficiency, the concept tire includes a range of modifications designed to reduce tire deformation during braking and acceleration. These include a specially designed tread pattern, newly constructed carcass, and modified rubber compound."

The tire's tread strip "features a special V-shape pattern, which creates a stiffer pattern structure. In addition, a new construction method results in a stiffer carcass which reduces tire deformation. The special system of fillers and an optimized polymer network in the rubber compound also contribute to the tire’s high overall energy efficiency."