TIA Searches for NEXGEN Advisory Council Members

Oct. 23, 2023

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) has announced its search for potential members to join its new NEXGEN Advisory Council, which is focused on up-and-coming tire industry leaders and young professionals.  

The group’s mission is to “attract, celebrate, develop and engage” emerging and industry professionals, according to Dick Gust, CEO of TIA.

The council held its first meeting on August 9th to discuss goals and action items and plans to hold scheduled monthly visits.

Council members include Chris Roades, vice president of BKT USA; Debra Hamlin, board secretary for TIA and director of operations for Bridgestone America Inc.’s commercial division; T.J. Trum, incoming board treasurer and general counsel for Pomp’s Tire Service Inc.; Leigh-Ann Stewart, co-founder of Simply Safe; Dick Gust, CEO of TIA; and Roy Littlefield IV, vice president of government affairs for TIA.

The NEXGEN council expects to add members outside of the board who can provide additional expertise to the group, according to TIA officials.

The new advisory board emerged during TIA’s Mid-Year Board Meeting in June when Gust recognized the “need to engage the next generation in the tire industry.”

According to TIA officials the goals that TIA wants to achieve with the NEXGEN board are to attract, develop and retain younger workers in the industry and increase awareness of career opportunities; explore emerging trends and stay at the forefront of technology; and “do a better job of telling stories” that exist in the tire industry.