Bridgestone Brings TireConnect to SEMA Show

Oct. 26, 2023

Bridgestone Americas Inc. is bringing its TireConnect automatic tire inventory replenishment platform to the 2023 SEMA Show.

According to Bridgestone officials, "the new solution allows dealers to set a minimum quantity for selected products in its inventory, which TireConnect will monitor and automatically reorder once the quantity falls below the desired level. Over 7,000 TireConnect-enabled dealers across the U.S. and Canada will receive access to the new solution as part of their TireConnect package.

"This solution will streamline an otherwise manual process for the dealer while helping ensure a constant supply of the retailer’s highest-demand products. Auto-replenishment through TireConnect will also help ensure downstream sales and a more accurate forecast of inventory for the retailer’s tire wholesalers.

"TireConnect will work with most tire retailer’s preferred wholesalers and is compatible with the majority of retail point-of-sale and inventory management systems."

“TireConnect’s new inventory auto-replenishment solution is an industry-first for small and medium tire retailers as this feature was historically only accessible for large-scale tire dealers,” says George Silagadze, vice president, TireConnect, Bridgestone Americas.

“This new solution now allows our TireConnect-enabled dealers to utilize efficient inventory management processes that large-scale dealers employ to both empower and boost their businesses.”

The platform also allows tire dealers to display wheels on their websites, giving customers the ability to create wheel and tire packages based on live inventory.

Bridgestone acquired TireConnect in 2015.

TireConnect will be on display at booth #41161 in the Lower South Hall at the Las Vegas (Nev.) Convention Center.