Hunter Brings Hawkeye XL Alignment System, TCX51M Changer, More to SEMA Show

Oct. 30, 2023

Hunter Engineering Co. is bringing its new Hawkeye XL alignment system, its TCX51M tire changer and new, longer variations of its popular RX14 and RX16 scissor alignment racks to this week’s SEMA Show.

Hunter's booth (No. 42017) is located in the South Hall Lower of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Hunter’s Hawkeye XL alignment system “is designed for maximum speed, durability and ease of use for a wide range of commercial vehicles,” says Product Manager Alan Hagerty, who adds that the versatile aligner “provides highly accurate measurements in four minutes or less.”

“With our old system, I was doing 15 trucks in one 10-hour day,” says technician Vernon Embree of Prime Inc., which tested the Hawkeye XL with their large fleet of newer trucks. “Now I’ve hit 26 trucks in one day. I would definitely recommend the XL to anybody.”

The Hawkeye XL features what Hunter calls “a visionary, new camera technology with extra-long range and extra-large targets, expanded from the industry-leading Hawkeye Elite alignment system.

“The aligner features lightweight, three-dimensional XL targets that are highly durable, low-maintenance and non-electronic. Precise high-definition cameras provide extra-long-range sight, capturing measurements in a single rolling compensation and displaying live alignment readings for up to three axles at once.

“The extended range delivers extended results, enabling the XL to easily align 53-foot trailers,” says Hagerty. “With a moveable camera beam and portable cabinet, technicians can perform alignments on either the floor or a lift, in any bay.”

The Hawkeye XL also offers optional Fully Integrated Alignment with Hunter’s L494HD alignment rack, or FIA-compatible turnplate kits to streamline processes. “Standard self-centering adaptors fit wheels from 15 to 28 inches. For even more speed and wheel protection, optional Quick Grips are available in both heavy-duty and passenger versions.

“Additionally, the Hawkeye XL connects to the HunterNet 2 customer portal, allowing shop owners to monitor alignment performance remotely and in real time.

“The XL’s efficiency, versatility and low maintenance combine to yield more uptime and a lower cost of ownership,” says Hagerty. “Misaligned wheels can have a sizeable impact on commercial vehicle fuel cost and tire wear.”

“Technicians love the simplicity and ease of use of the Hawkeye XL,” says Hunter product manager Alan Hagerty. “It’s perfect for heavy-duty shops looking to speed up and supersize their alignment capabilities.”

Introduced earlier this year, Hunter’s TCX51 series of tire changers “was designed with efficient functionality in mind. Its compact yet capable design is perfect for shops with limited space. And especially so when it comes to mobile service vans,” says Jim Hudson, Hunter product manager.

Hunter’s all-new TCX51M is the latest addition to the company’s mobile tire service offering. This model features a fast and familiar swing arm design with dual bead loosening rollers. Tough bottom beads can be demounted quickly and easily without using a lever.

An adjustable center clamp protects wheels, never slips and allows technician to set a comfortable working height. The TCX51M’s two-speed inverter motor operates at 110V, providing ample torque with high efficiency.

The TCX51M can be equipped with an optional FastBlast system to safely and quickly inflate the most challenging truck and SUV tires, without the need for a standalone blast device.

The TCX51M offers full-size features in a mobile-friendly 110V format, allowing technicians to service modern, difficult assemblies with all the power and convenience they’ve come to expect from Hunter’s “shop-size” tire changers.

Also on display in Hunter’s booth are updated, longer variations of the company’s popular RX14 and RX16 scissor alignment racks. These new models, RX14KL and RX16KL, can accommodate up to 195-inch two-wheel wheelbases.

The RX14KL lift gains an additional 13 inches, while the RX16KL picks up an additional 17 inches.

Hunter is responding to a growing industry need for greater length, says Hunter Product Manager Pete Liebetreu.

“The longer wheelbase adds more medium-duty vehicle capability, along with more runway to perform rolling compensation on crew-cab pickups and larger vans,” he notes. “It also adds more last-mile delivery vehicle capability, which is a rapidly growing service segment.”

New adjustable turnplate pockets provide an extremely long 88- to 168-inch four-wheel alignment service range. When aligning a shorter vehicle, the turnplates can be moved back in the pocket in seconds. Additionally, a new flush-mount arrangement simplifies floor-level rolling compensation and ADAS calibrations.

Liebetreu explains that “all Hunter scissor lifts are designed to offer maximum productivity in a minimum space. The surface-mount RX14 and flush-mount RX16 series provide 14,000 and 16,000 pounds (of) respective capacity and both include two 9,000-pound capacity jacks.”

All models offer low drive-on height and are also PowerSlide- and InflationStation-capable.