Sentury Tire USA Highlights New Delinte Powerline Model, TBR Tires, More at SEMA Show

Oct. 31, 2023

Sentury Tire USA is displaying a new Delinte high-performance tire powerline, a new Pantera brand tire and new Groundpseed and Delinte TBR tires at this week’s SEMA Show.

The new Delinte Dynamx Sport 2 DS2 powerline offers 82 sizes to fit wheels ranging from 15 inches to 20 inches in diameter and has been “meticulously designed, with a focus on safety, control and comfort,” according to Sentury officials.

The Delinte Dynamx Sport 2 DS2 line boasts a wide range of staggered fitments, catering to diverse vehicle requirements and preferences. Features include ultra-wide tread grooves that utilize Sentury’s QST Technology for enhanced water evacuation and optimal wet surface traction; the company’s Intelligent Tread Design, which has a large contact footprint and is optimized for superior control in all driving conditions; innovative, 3D-angled voids in the tread area to maximize braking performance and road traction, promoting safety and confidence; and wide, symmetrical shoulder blocks that provide optimal stability, especially during high-speed performance driving, contributing to a more controlled and secure experience.

The Delinte Dynamx Sport 2 DS2 comes with the new Delinte 55K mileage and road hazard warranty plan (D-Shield), which enables consumers to “drive with peace of mind, knowing (their) investment is protected,” while experiencing “exceptional mileage and performance,” according to Sentury officials.

In addition, Sentury is highlighting its new Pantera Touring A/S powerline, the first powerline for the Pantera brand. “This tire stands out as best in its class, embodying top-tier performance and superior quality,” says Nick Gutierrez, sales director for Sentury Tire USA.

Also on display at Sentury’s booth are new GroundSpeed and Delinte brand TBR tires.

Recently unveiled Groundspeed TBR tires include an open shoulder drive regional product, an open shoulder drive construction/mixed-service tire and all-position mixed-service tire in sizes 385/65R22.5 and 425/65R22.5, both 20-ply.

Seven new Delinte brand TBR tires include an open shoulder drive regional tire, a tire for logging and construction applications, a closed shoulder drive regional tire, a long-haul trailer product, a regional all-position tire, a standard all-position mixed-service product and a wide all-position mixed-service tire.

Sentury officials describe the new Delinte TBR offerings as “a comprehensive range” that meet “diverse requirements.” In addition, Sentury is hosting Volkswagen brand ambassador Jamie Orr in its SEMA Show booth. Orr has brought a unique 2024 VW Buzz panel van to the Sentury’s exhibit, equipped with special, 21-inch Landsail RapidDragon summer racing tires.

“This showcases our commitment to innovation and partnership with esteemed automotive brands,” says Gutierrez.

Sentury’s SEMA Show booth (No. 44071) is located in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.