Bartec Expands TPMS Scan Tool Line

Nov. 1, 2023

Bartec USA LLC has unveiled its Tech600Pro tire pressure monitoring system tool, along with the TDR100 tread depth reader companion.

The Tech600Pro features a graphical user interface that is “efficient and intuitive,” according to Bartec officials.

The tool also has a wireless Vehicle Connection Interface, which allows for a faster setup time.

Features of the Tech600Pro include an intuitive and graphical menu. It works with all original equipment sensors, major aftermarket sensors and more.

The TDR100 is the Bluetooth companion to the Tech600Pro and the Tech550Pro, which is the cabled version of the Tech600Pro.

This tool aligns with Bartec’s "Test Before Touch" strategy by giving a comprehensive overview to both the technician and customer about the vehicle’s status.

The wireless TDR100 gives measurement points and data on the actual tool, like the Tech600Pro, and in the technician's inspection report available through the TPMS desktop.

It features a user-replaceable measurement pin and is wireless.