TBC Adds Achilles Brand Tires

Dec. 21, 2023

TBC Brands LLC, a subsidiary of TBC Corp., has launched its new product line, Achilles Tires, available in early-2024.   

“Achilles Tires has produced high-quality, maximum-value tires for over 30 years,” says Rachel Tibor, group vice president of wholesale marketing for TBC Brands.  

“We’re excited to enhance our product offering with the addition of Achilles Tires, available in five-line segments, as we continue to focus on providing an unparalleled range of solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.” 

The new tires include the Achilles Desert Hawk AT3, for off-road driving, fitting wheels between 15 inches and 20 inches in diameter; the Achilles Desert Hawk HT3, an all-season all-road tire; the Achilles Rugged Hawk, a off-road tire; Achilles Street Hawk Sport; and the Achilles Touring Sport A/S, an all-weather tire.

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