Ultimate ADAS Gets Approved for Nissan, Infiniti

Jan. 19, 2024

Hunter Engineering Co. has announced its Ultimate ADAS has been approved for use by Nissan and Infiniti dealerships.  

Honda and Accura approved use for its dealerships earlier in 2023.  

“It’s named Ultimate ADAS for a reason,” says Ryan Gerber, product specialist for ADAS at Hunter.  

“It’s the fastest and most precise ADAS calibration out there.” 

Ultimate ADAS combines alignment technology and a target placement system for around-the-vehicle coverage.  

The gimbal-mounted lasers and WinAlign software increase target placement precision by automatically compensating for non-level floors and monitoring for placement errors, and confirming accuracy with laser measurements each step of the way.  

The new tool also provides documentation of the exact procedures performed and exact target placements for customer satisfaction and insurance purposes.  

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