Omni United Launches Two New Radar Tires

March 25, 2024

Omni United (S) Pte. Ltd. has launched its new winter and all-weather Radar brand tires, the Dimax Winter and Dimax All Weather.   

The tires were unveiled at a recent event that was held at the Mission North facility in Ivalo, Finland.  

Omni United collaborated with GFG Style, led by automotive designers Gioorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro, to design the new products. 

Both have been tested in winter and summer weather conditions, according to Omni United officials.

The Dimax Winter features Double Cristal 3D sipes across its pattern for extreme grip. It also contains Inari Silica compound for winter performance and low rolling resistance.  

The Dimax All Weather features a triple-edged pattern design for enhanced grip on snow and features Blue Silica compound for safety on wet roads and resistance to aging.  

Both tires features aqueduct grooves for evacuating water; connect support technology for full tread support; electric vehicle compatibility; and more. 

The Dimax Winter will be available in 41 sizes, ranging from 14-inches to 20-inches.  

The Dimax All Weather will be available in 40 sizes, ranging from 14-inches to 18-inches.  

Both tires will be globally available for the 2024-2025 winter season.  

“Mission North is an immersive experience where our key partners get to experience the remarkable versatility and performance of our new products against the established brands,” says G.S. Sareen, president and CEO of Omni United.  

“This reinforces our mission to provide drivers with accessible premium performance without the hefty price tags that leading brands often charge.”