Michelin Sponsors Veterans' Return to Normandy

April 15, 2024

Michelin North America Inc. has partnered with the Best Defense Foundation and Delta Air Lines to fly 60 World War II veterans to Normandy, France for the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

“Michelin is honored to support this emotional milestone journey for World War II heroes,” says Alexis Garcin, president and CEO of Michelin North America. 

“Recognizing those who served and fought for freedom is the right thing to do, and I want to thank all the Michelin volunteers who will make this return to Normandy possible.” 

The veterans, accompanied by volunteers from Michelin, Delta and Best Defense, will embark on the chartered flight on June 2, 2024. They will participate in several parades, ceremonies and celebrations during their 10-day tour of the Normandy region.  

The actual anniversary takes place on June 6, 2024, which marks the 80th anniversary of the largest seaborne invasion in history, beginning the liberation of France and ultimately leading to the end of the war in Europe.  

This year’s program marks the third year of Michelin’s partnership with the Best Defense Foundation and Delta Air Lines to bring World War II veterans back to Normandy.  


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