AME International Unveils 68000 Socket Bro Set

May 11, 2021

AME International has unveiled a new, impact-rated turbo socket set, the 68000 Socket Bro, which features a half-inch fitting that eliminates the need to change tools during the wheel fastening process.

"Not only is the Socket Bro designed to remove fasteners that are up to 70% rounded off, when the weighted disc is added, you also get over 40% more busting power," according to AME officials.

“Often, the standard impact gun and socket will not have enough power to remove automotive fasteners,” says Don Tinker, North America business development for AME.

 “Whether it’s due to over-torquing, component corrosion or just an impact gun that’s lost its 'gusto,' our Socket Bro will add up to 40% more applied torque, giving an immediate advantage over standard impact sockets.  No need to use a breaker bar or purchase a bigger gun - just lock on the disc to the turbo sockets and go."

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