Nama Tires Will Expand its Manufacturing Base

April 30, 2021

Nama Tires Inc. will expand its production base with the addition of a fourth line in southeast Asia this year. The line "guarantees large production capacity and fast delivery," say company officials.

The project will include the purchase of more than 300 tire molds to grow Nama's offerings by more than 150 SKUs.

"The SKUs will include high performance tires in 32 sizes, ranging from 14 inches to 18 inches," say Nama officials, as well as ultra-high performance tires in 39 sizes, ranging from 17 inches to 24 inches, and other products.

"To ensure consistency in tire quality, Nama will work with top designer teams to develop the most unique and aggressive tread patterns."

Nama says it is collecting orders for the new SKUs in advance and is encouraging distributors and dealers to "plan ahead of time to make yearly orders."