Titan Makes COVID-19 Vaccine Available to Employees

April 8, 2021

Titan International Inc. is offering on-site COVID-19 vaccinations for employees at its Des Moines, Iowa, plant as part of a larger initiative to vaccinate all U.S.-based Titan associates.

"These activities follow more than a year of dedicated efforts to keep employees safe, while at the same time continuing to produce tires and wheels to support the food and agriculture industry, which the federal government deemed critical to the nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic in
March 2020," according to Titan officials.

“At Titan, we take great care to protect our employees at all times and especially this past year against COVID-19,” says Paul Reitz, Titan's president and CEO. “Since day one of the pandemic, our coronavirus response team has executed plans to keep our employees safe and help our teams adjust
accordingly, while also providing farmers and construction professionals with American-made products they need to perform their essential work.”

The on-site vaccination clinic at the Des Moines facility will begin in mid-April, with second doses scheduled after the required waiting period. Vaccines will be administered to employees by licensed health-care professionals and will be available during all three work shifts.

In February, Titan provided COVID-19 vaccines to employees at its Quincy, Ill., location and last month made the vaccine available to associates at its facility in Freeport, Ill.

Titan is also working with local health organizations to set up vaccination clinics at other locations and production facilities throughout the world.