GRI GreenX Circle Event Brings Farmers Together

March 30, 2021

Global Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd. (GRI) recently brought natural rubber farmers and farmers who use the company's tires together as part of its GreenX Circle initiative.

"The GreenX Circle connects the natural rubber farmer, who provides the raw material for production of specialty tires, and the crop farmer, who is the end user of agricultural tires produced by GRI," say company officials.

During the event, GRI executives "explained the superior quality and features" of GRI tires, "which in turn, increases the productivity and efficiency of the agricultural machinery of crop farmers."

"We can support and strengthen the rubber farmers by purchasing the rubber they produce and manufacture a tire that is of international standards," says GRI CEO Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma.

"When the productivity of the machines used by crop farmers increases, it benefits Sri Lanka and rubber farmers." (GRI is headquartered - and builds tires - in Sri Lanka.)

"We started supplying GRI with rubber about a year ago and they were the first company to provide us with a stable and fair price," notes P. Dayarathna, a rubber farmer. "We attended the training programs and workshops organized by GRI and we were able to gain much knowledge on sustainable practices."