Titan Introduces New Tires for Diverse Applications

March 19, 2021

Titan International Inc.'s new AgraEDGE ag tire line targets four-wheel-drive tractors, combines and grain carts and is available in 17 sizes. The company's new Titan HK 458 ag/OTR crossover tire is designed for wheel loader applications.

The R-1W AgraEDGE radial features enhanced compounding, the latest engineered materials, "state-of-the-art construction and modern lug angles for optimum self-cleaning and traction," according to Titan officials.

New sidewall construction provides enhanced roading capability and the tire's footprint shape allows for minimal soil compaction. 

"This is a very cost-competitive, full line that’s designed and manufactured right here in America, which we believe gives us an edge above the competition."

The HK 458 is an E-4/L-4 dual-rated bias tire that "combines the tread design attributes of a forestry tire, a specialty wheel loader tire and an ATV tire - all in one. 
"The HK 458 has a lower cavity and bead area that can withstand massive front-end weight and downward pressures when lifting and carrying large loads. The proven cavity shape also helps protect the sidewall throughout the footprint and fits on the standard OTR rim. 

"Its deep-tread, directional pattern is designed for aggressive traction, self-cleaning and stability on muddy, uneven terrain. A steel-belted construction and specialty compounding give it superior longevity and maximum puncture resistance."

The HK 458 is initially available in two sizes for medium-sized wheel loaders — 20.5-25 and 23.5-25.

"This rugged, modern tire is suited to fit a range of mid-sized wheel loaders from every OEM."