New SimpleTire App Includes Visual Tire Search Technology

March 17, 2021

Tire e-commerce provider SimpleTire LLC has rolled out a smartphone app, SimpleSnap, that lets consumers take photos of the size of their existing tires, upload them and receive personalized replacement recommendations.

The app is designed to "ease the anxiety and frustration associated with tire replacement by making it a seamless and easy-to-navigate process for all," according to SimpleTire officials.

SimpleTire validated the app's format and functionality by testing it with more than 100 people, who together submitted more than 1,000 photos.

"SimpleTire believes that integrating this new visual search technology will further democratize the tire buying process for motorists at all levels of car maintenance knowledge and cause more people to adopt online tire buying."

Nearly half of respondents to a recent SimpleTire survey cited "finding the right information" as one of their top challenges when buying replacement tires.

"SimpleSnap is a technology that we are excited to bring to market because we believe it will help more consumers overcome the perceived barriers of shopping for tires online," says SimpleTire CEO Andy Chalofsky.