Massachusetts Votes in Favor of Vehicle Data Access

Nov. 4, 2020

Voters in Massachusetts have elected to preserve consumer and independent tire dealership access to telematically transmitted vehicle diagnostic and repair data.

“The Auto Care Association is extremely pleased that Massachusetts voters have overwhelmingly supported passage of Question 1 on this year’s ballot,” says Bill Hanvey, president and CEO, Auto Care Association. (Yesterday afternoon, before votes were tallied, Hanvey said that the issue was "polling extremely well.")

“Approval of Question 1 ensures that car owners can control the mechanical data that is being transmitted by their vehicle through telematics. This referendum also means that despite advances in technology, owners will be able to have their repair data shared directly with their trusted independent shops.

"Not only is this a clear win for the Right to Repair Coalition that is comprised of thousands of shops throughout the state, it is also a victory for the car owners of the commonwealth who saw through the scare tactics from the manufacturers," he continues. 

"The people of Massachusetts have decidedly favored competition in auto repair. Furthermore, we are greatly appreciative of each and every aftermarket company around the country that stepped up in support of this important campaign.” 

“While this was a hard-fought campaign over many months, it is now our hope that the manufacturers will receive the strong message from consumers for control of their mechanical data and that they will now work toward implementation of Question 1,” says Aaron Lowe, senior vice president, government and regulatory affairs, Auto Care Association. 

“The Auto Care Association has worked with cyber security experts to ensure that in-vehicle data can be securely made available to car owners and independent shops. We stand ready to provide the manufacturers with any technical assistance necessary for effective and timely implementation of this referendum."