AME Updates Wheel Hub Cleaner for HD Use

Sept. 9, 2021

The 37500 Hub Buddy Truck from AME International LLC is an easy-to-use wheel hub cleaner for heavy-duty truck applications.

The tool attaches to a half-inch impact wrench for simple use. AME says it is a time-saver for a common, but important task. Regularly cleaned and maintained hubs ensure the right clamping force is achieved. In addition to improving the wheel fitment, it provides a boost to overall vehicle safety.

“For years AME has offered the 37330 Hub Buddy XL as a quick and easy way to clean automotive hubs and wheels,” says Shane Wiley, who oversees domestic key accounts for AME International. “The 37500 Hub Buddy Truck brings the features of the Hub Buddy line to medium and heavy-duty trucks. You get the same half-inch drive impact operation with the depth and pad sizes for a wider array of medium and heavy-duty trucks.”