BendPak Releases U.S.-Made Air Compressors

June 14, 2021

BendPak Inc. has introduced a line of American-made air compressors. The Patriot Series features efficient, industrial-strength air compressors.

“While the BendPak name is synonymous with commercial-grade car lifts, we have a long history of manufacturing a range of tough, reliable shop equipment,” says Jeff Kritzer, BendPak executive vice president.

“We’re proud to introduce the Patriot Series of air compressors that offer our customers the same high quality and well-thought-out design as BendPak lifts.”

Each unit features an energy-efficient motor and large reciprocating cylinder heads running at slower speeds to provide powerful, cool and energy-efficient compressed air. A half-inch anti-vibration pad keeps noise to a reasonable 75 dB. There’s a Patriot air compressor to meet the needs of virtually any commercial shop or even a home garage with available power options of 5 hp, 7.5 hp or 10 hp motors.

The air compressors keep their cool through the use of body cooling fins, a built-in intercooler, and a precision-balanced flywheel with fan blades providing additional forced air cooling for durability and long life.

Patriot air compressors feature Manchester tanks that are ASME certified, and cast-iron pump and heads with splash lubrication to withstand heat without warping, unlike aluminum cylinders with pressed-in sleeves. Valve maintenance is easy due to the dependable disc-type valves that are accessible without having to remove the cylinder head.

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