Bolt On Technology Pairs With TransNational Payments

May 6, 2021

TransNational Payments is partnering with Bolt On Technology LLC to provide auto repair facilities an integrated payments platform so vehicle owners can utilize more advanced payment methods for services rendered.

TransNational says the integration will allow business owners to accept any form of payment from any device anywhere.

“We are excited to partner with Bolt On and be able to provide customers with revenue generating technology and high touch payment services," says Perry Tatooles, vice president of strategic partnerships at TransNational. "We look forward to providing Bolt On customers with the highest levels of payment support, transparency, technology, and cost-saving rates and fees. This unique partnership, in turn, allows us to offer Bolt On to our significant number of automotive repair merchants."

TransNational says the all-in-one business management and payments solution will work seamlessly with businesses already using products like Mitchell1 and AllData.

“We’re thrilled to add TransNational as a payment processing partner for Text to Pay and credit card processing, as shops can benefit from their commitment to customer service and air-tight data security, while offering a service that’s growing in popularity among vehicle owners,” says Michael Risich, founder and CEO of Bolt On Technology. “This is one more reason for shops to go all-in on mobile payments.”

TransNational Payments is a wholly owned subsidiary of Celero Commerce.