Groove Glove Results Integrate With

April 23, 2021
The tire and alignment data captured by the Groove Glove from Tire Profiles Inc. now integrates with, meaning the results are instantly transferred to a customer's Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) report. says the cloud-based integration "improves efficiency, saves time, promotes transparency, and boosts tire and alignment sales."

Results of the Groove Glove scan are displayed in both the shop’s view and the customer’s DVI, which are delivered via text or email through The integration enables clients to view inspection results along with the Groove Glove report, displaying average tread depth and pressure of each tire along with a link to the full PDF report in one easily shared digital document.

“ continues to expand our product offering to help support tire dealers and auto repair shops,” says Chris Cloutier, founder of and co-owner of a multi-location business, Golden Rule Auto Care. “We are excited to work with innovative products and companies that are on the grow like Groove Glove and Tire Profiles.”