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TBC will check tires for free in June

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TBC Retail Group Inc.’s family of tire and automotive service centers, including participating Big O Tire stores, will provide free tire care checks at its 1,300 locations nationwide throughout the month of June in support of National Tire Safety Week.

TBC does business as Tire Kingdom, NTB (National Tire and Battery) and Merchant’s Tire and Auto Centers. The company also owns the Big O franchise program.

“With gas hitting $4 a gallon and summer travel upon us, it is imperative that motorists understand the importance of tire maintenance, including proper tire pressure and tread wear,” says Bill Ihnken, senior vice president and COO of the TBC Retail Group. “A quick and free tire care check at one of our service centers today can help motorists save time and money in the future.”

Ihnken says motorists also should take advantage of the company’s free 22-point inspection prior to embarking on a road trip. “Nothing ruins a road trip like car trouble."

Tire care checks include the visual inspection of the tire for cracks, cuts, bulges, uneven wear and under or over inflation as well as the inspection of the valve stem for cracks and defects. Motorists are also encouraged to feel for vibrations when driving. Basic tire maintenance includes: correct tire pressure, timely rotation, balancing and alignments.

TBC Retail Group Inc., a subsidiary of TBC Corp., operates more than 820 independent tire and automotive service centers in the United States. It also oversees nearly 500 franchised Big O Tire stores.

This year's National Tire Safety Week, sponsored by the Rubber Manufacturers Association, runs June 5-11.

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