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Wurth USA Inc. is marketing its new Wurth Greenline zinc wheel weights "as part of a continued effort to offer environmentally-friendly alternatives to lead."

The company says the line is designed for use on cars with steel or alloy wheels.

"The new product line of zinc wheel weights offers a comparable substitute to traditional lead, and provides auto shop owners with wheel weights that have the same functionality, appearance and fit characteristics without sacrificing retention or corrosion resistance."

The zinc wheel weights included in the Wurth Greenline collection are:

* AW-Series -- coated wheel weights for use on most domestic vehicles with alloy rims prior to 1995.

* EN-Series -- coated wheel weights for use on Audi, Mercedes-Benz and early model Japanese vehicles with alloy wheels.

* MC-Series -- coated wheel weights for use on most domestic vehicles with alloy rims.

* P-Series -- uncoated wheel weights for use on standard passenger car 13” - 15” steel or alloy wheels.

* FN-Series -- coated wheel weights for use on most Japanese vehicles with alloy wheels since 1990.

* IAW-Series -- coated wheel weights for use on most European and certain Asian vehicles with alloy wheels.

* T-Series -- coated wheel weights for use on most domestic light trucks with decorative and larger thickness steel wheels, and most late-model light trucks with alloy wheels.

The zinc product line is another addition to the company’s assortment of lead wheel weight alternatives. Wurth USA also offers a complete line of steel wheel weights that include features such as rounded clip ends for scratchless installation, superior coating for corrosion resistance, and an exact fit to rim contours for the best retention.

“The volume of wheel balancing weights commonly consumed in the U.S. contributes towards one of the largest unregulated uses of lead in consumer products today," says Daniel Molinari, Wurth's product department manager. "We look forward to upgrading our full product line with an emphasis on being environmentally-conscious in the process.”

Wurth USA, part of the Wurth Group, supplies fasteners, body shop supplies, hand tools, chemicals, and electrical supplies for the automotive, cargo, and fleet maintenance industries. For more information, visit

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