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Rotary Lift debuts SmartLift Trio superstructure

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Rotary Lift debuts SmartLift Trio superstructure

Rotary Lift’s SmartLift inground lift has a sleek new SmartLift Trio superstructure that increases echnician productivity with three key developments: greater drive-through clearance, improved lift-to-vehicle clearance, and extended arm reach, the company reports.

"As vehiicle designs evolve, it’s critical that lift designs evolve with them,” explains John Rylee, director of marketing. “Many of today’s cars are low-slung, with ground effects, low-profile tires and other design elements that can make picking them with a traditional lift challenging and time-consuming. Since time truly is money in the shop, we’ve worked closely with customers to redesign the SmartLift’s superstructure to provide even greater vehicle access and increased technician productivity.”

The new Trio superstructure features a slimmer, tapered yoke that expands drive-through clearance to 88 inches — the widest in the industry. Not only does this ease vehicle positioning, it also results in fewer pinched tires. The contoured drive-over pad also reduces the space that the lift occupies under the vehicle, giving technicians greater undercar access and making it much easier to remove undercarriage shields.

The Trio also introduces an update to Rotary Lift’s three-stage arms. The new lower-profile arms can reach an even wider range of vehicle pick-up points than their predecessors, while at the same time providing greater clearance between the lift and the vehicle. They are also easier for technicians to adjust quickly.

The benefits come from shortening each arm and replacing its innermost extension with a “third stage” integrated sliding adapter. Technicians simply slide the patent-pending, multi-position adapter to the desired position for pinpoint accuracy. Adapters are interchangeable, so technicians can choose the best set for each vehicle. Three-position flip-up adapters allow quick positioning on a variety of pick-up points. Polymer RA adapters screw into position and are ideal for unibody vehicles, the company states.

In response to technician input, the SmartLift Trio superstructure also features a built-in storage compartment to provide technicians with easy access to small parts and tools.

The SmartLift Trio superstructure is available on the SmartLift SL210 model, which has a lifting capacity of 10,000 pounds. The Trio superstructure also can be retrofitted to previously installed SmartLift SL210 units.

For more information about the new Rotary Lift SmartLift Trio superstructure, see the company’s Web site at or call (800) 640-5438.

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