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Tenneco designs a muffler with no droning

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Tenneco designs a muffler with no droning

Tenneco Inc. has introduced the DynoMax VT muffler, a high-flow, stainless steel muffler "that controls irritating drone and provides shops the opportunity to increase their emission control business," according to the company.

The DynoMax VT, which features the brand’s exclusive, patent-pending Valve Technology, is available for a full-range of car, truck and SUV applications.

“The new DynoMax VT muffler makes it easy for shops to sell a differentiated performance muffler without any added expense,” says Joe Pase, director of performance products for the DynoMax Performance Exhaust Division of Tenneco.

“DynoMax has made it easy to carry a good, better and best performance muffler line with an added, exclusive innovation that can really make a difference for customers looking to remove drone and resonance from their vehicles.”

The muffler's precisely calibrated, patented internal valve is designed to ensure maximum flow and performance -- and a drone-free experience in the vehicle. It also offers the flow characteristics of the legendary DynoMax Ultra Flo Welded muffler through a straight-through, unrestricted design that is proven to support up to 2,000 CFM and 2,000 horsepower.

The 100% welded stainless steel muffler is available in two sizes:

* a side inlet/center outlet 14-in. body length; and

* a side inlet/side outlet 16-in. body length.

The new muffler also is designed with slotted bushing ends; exclusive "Continuous Roving Fiberglass (CRF)" technology that absorbs interior resonance and provides a rich, deep performance tone; and a high-impact micro-finish.

In recent flow-bench testing, the DynoMax VT delivered 841 cubic-feet-per-minute flow. For more information, visit

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