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Atturo expands Urban All Terrain range

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Atturo expands Urban All Terrain range

Atturo Tire Corp. has added three sizes to the Urban All Terrain Trail Blade X/T: 275/45R22 112H XL; 305/45R22 118H XL; and 285/40R24 112H XL.

The company says the 275/45R22 has been used as an OE option tire size for vehicles such as the Ford F150, Dodge Durango and Toyota Tacoma. With the Trail Blade X/T, these vehicle owners will have a plus size option for an All-Terrain pattern with no suspension modification required. Atturo says this size is also a perfect plus two application for the many vehicles which ride on the 275/55R20 as original equipment.

Atturo says the 305/45R22 and 285/40R24 are popular sizes in the SUV and light truck segment for highway tread patterns. These sizes are each about 33 inches in diameter and carry higher load indexes than comparable floatation sizes making these more suitable for half-ton pickup and large SUV applications. Initial dealer and consumer response indicates a pent up demand for this style of tire in these sizes.

The Trail Blade X/T's sidewall tread and first shoulder blocks are patterned after the Quarter Master QTR-3 knife blade and handle. Quarter Master Knives has also created an Atturo-themed model of this knife to complement the tire. The center tread is a highway friendly multi-block pattern, angled and featuring sipes to improve wet traction, handling response, and reduce road noise, while still retaining trail and light off road capability.

The three new sizes are available now from Atturo dealers nationwide.

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