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Here's your chance to make it 'Your Marketplace'

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About one-third of passenger tire dealers responding to Modern Tire Dealer's exclusive "Your Marketplace" survey say they believe business will improve over the next six months, while truck tire dealers are a bit more optimistic -- 43% are expecting an uptick in business.

On the passenger side, the outlook for improvement is the lowest in several months, and it's far from the optimistic month of October 2014 when 75% of survey respondents were expecting better things.

The survey goes to members of our National Advisory Council (NAC). Results are compiled by top industry analyst Nick Mitchell of Northcoast Research Holdings LLC based in Cleveland, Ohio.

What do you think? Are our council members right on the money, or way off?

Of course you can always leave comments here on the Modern Tire Dealer website or on our Facebook page, but dealers also are invited to join our NAC. The group's members respond to a monthly survey to share their input on how business is going. As part of the survey, dealers are asked to answer a "question of the month" and given an opportunity to sound off on any topic that's affecting the industry.

We'd love to have your input. If you want to join Modern Tire Dealer's NAC, email editor Bob Ulrich.

To read more about what dealers told Mitchell, check out his most recent "Your Marketplace" column here.

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