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Pre-employment Drug Testing Helps Prevent Problems, Dealers Say

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Pre-employment Drug Testing Helps Prevent Problems, Dealers Say

Each month we ask members of our National Advisory Council (NAC) a question or questions on a current hot topic. Last month we asked, “Is drug testing part of your hiring process? How much of a problem is drugs in your workplace? If you discover one of your employees has a drug problem, what do you do?” Here are some responses.

1. We drug test all new hires, and randomly test current employees. Our company has a zero tolerance on drugs, but we would be naive to think all employees follow it. If a current employee tests positive he or she is offered a chance to attend a drug counseling program. If they choose not to, they are terminated. If they choose to go they are offered a second chance.

2. Yes, we do drug test. We do not have a substantial drug problem in the work place, we pre-screen potential employees before hiring. We have an outside provider handling drug screening. If an employee tests positive for drugs, the provider communicates with the employee to determine if it is anything that could cause a false positive. We follow their advice with employees and then make a judgment call on rehab or firing. The screening provider helps us to limit our liability.

3. We perform pre-employment drug screens for all new hires. We are fortunate to not have a large drug problem across our state and at our locations. We have a treatment and remediation program in place for employees as/if required.

4. Pre-employment drug testing can help prevent hiring of those who may use drugs. Our company does provide assistance for employees who acknowledge use or a problem. As society seems to be more tolerant of some drugs, it could be more of a challenge in the future. This is a tough subject as it affects individuals, families and businesses.We also recently asked, “Do you sell used tires? Do you get a lot of requests for them? What standards do you set for a good used tire that you consider OK to sell?” Here are a couple of responses.

1. We do not sell used tires. Period. End of discussion

2. We sell used tires if they are three years or newer, with 6/32nd of tread left or more!

What’s on your mind?

Our council members also told us what was on their mind.

Regarding the topic of used tire sales — it is interesting that legislation has been brought up in several states over the past couple of quarters concerning used tires sales and liability with little or no success.

Jon Shields, Field Sales and Training, Carroll Tire Co., Atlanta, Ga.

Recruiting new talent. It seems as though young people aren’t as enthused about cars as they once were and it appears that high schools are ushering all students toward college and away from hands-on type of work. I think many kids today would prefer making much less money at a shopping mall than making more money working as an auto technician or sales person in our industry. We need to stress and to provide quality technical and skilled trade education at the high school level in this country.

Tripp Lee, General Manager, Frasier Tire Service Inc., Sumter, S.C.

Our biggest concern at this time is the lack of availability of medium truck tires due to the increase in heavy-duty truck production.

Jim Whitehead Jr., Owner/Partner, Jim Whitehead’s Best One Tire, Augusta, Ga.

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