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A New Era Dawns for Mobile Tire Fitting in Europe

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A New Era Dawns for Mobile Tire Fitting in Europe

The season of tire and automotive shows is now in full swing across Europe and the general feeling in the market is that there are now far too many events for competitive companies to either exhibit in or visit.

However, several long-established shows still stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of size, product variety and business presentation including Autopromotec in Bologna, Italy, which I recently visited over several days. From experience, this biannual event is always an interesting source of new tire product launches and technology innovation.

All the Autopromotec shows are extremely interesting and well worth a visit, but every now and then a totally new innovation is introduced to capture the enthusiastic imagination of a show’s audience. That is exactly what happened at Autopromotec 2017.

Mobile tire fitment solution

Leading up to any tire event you often read previews of new products, but when I came across one from Germany-based Delticom AG,I just knew I had to make a beeline for their booth at the event. Delticom is a leading online tire sales equipment specialist who in partnership with Netherlands-based brand awareness experts Technomarketing launched a revolutionary new mobile tire fitment solution — MobileMech.This completely unique product that is already creating huge interest and enthusiasm with progressive-thinking tire dealers throughout Europe is centered around a sleek, large and attractive-looking tire breakdown service vehicle that is equipped with an amazing all-in-one ECUBE tire service unit that is surprisingly compact and effectively designed to take mobile tire service facilities to an even superior level of capabilities and efficiency.

When I inspected the vehicle at the show it was clear that it could accommodate a large quantity of tires, wheels and will (in due course) also carry additional equipment and tools to tire breakdowns which can be at the roadside, office or home. Onboard are four components that form the ECUBE system: a tire changer, balancer, compressor and a power bank complete with advanced remote monitoring to allow the possibility of communication to designated control centers. I also was informed that the ECUBE is capable of handling even the toughest passenger and motorcycle tires on the market.

First Europe, then the U.S.

I managed to get an exclusive interview with Ansgar von Haacke, head of MobileMech’s system project, who pointed out that with the Mobile-Mech vehicle and ECUBE system the company is looking to immediately attract the attention of ambitious tire dealers in all European countries with an even more versatile solution to their tire breakdown service. He also explained that before launching ECUBE, it was developed, designed, tested and approved by a number of the most experienced tire service specialists in the industry.

Being at the show with a very eye-catching booth and demonstration area enabled Delticom to explain the benefits of becoming a MobileMech-appointed partner in their country to an ongoing source of interested companies. Obvious benefits of the technically advanced and professionally equipped Iveco Daily vehicle fitted with the ECUBE unit include personalized software that provides support in efficient data management as well as an optimized route planning system and one week training course at the MobileMech Academy in Germany.

Delticom will be progressively looking to establish MobileMech throughout Europe and in due course on a global basis as they currently operate an online tire sales service in 41 countries. It was confirmed to me by von Haacke that North America is very much in Delticom’s sights to launch the system at the earliest appropriate time.

I would not usually highlight a particular product or company in this column, but on this occasion I believe the MobileMech system is well worth being showcased. In my opinion, it represents a very important breakthrough development for international tire dealers to further improve their mobile tire breakdown service facilities.

There is no doubt that mobile tire service will never be the same again once this totally innovative system establishes itself in Europe and beyond — which should not take long. And I will be closely monitoring its progress.    ■

John Stone has been working within the global tire industry for the past 26 years. In 2004 he launched his own consulting company, Sapphire Media Services, which caters to business media clients around the globe. Stone also writes for tire and automotive-related publications in Europe, South Africa and Asia.

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