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Preventive maintenance: more than a 'Big Bang Theory'

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In the fall, college kids head to school for higher learning (which may or may not include studying). But is the vehicle taking them to school reliable?

If you check out the August issue of Modern Tire Dealer, you can read about how one dealer maintains a maintenance schedule. Both the magazine and its digital doppleganger feature an inspection checklist designed by the technicians at All Star Tire & Auto Service in Indianapolis.

The importance of practicing preventive maintenance cannot be overstated. That is why MTD Editor Bob Ulrich wrote a blog about it. In "Preventive maintenance saves money on TV and in real life," he points out how everyone seems to be on the bandwagon, even Penny from "The Big Bang Theory" (although not without a hard lesson).

Check out the blog, then check out the checklist on the digital edition (page 42). Is the checklist complete? How would you improve upon it?

Are your customers receptive to preventive maintenance schedules? In your experience, do they heed a glowing or blinking "Check engine" light? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

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