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Guns in your workplace? Issue sparks comments

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The issue of guns in the workplace is a hot topic. Nineteen readers have shared differing opinions already.

Here are opposing views from two readers:

“We carry guns at our tire store, we want our customers and employees to feel safe. We want to make sure we protect them from a lunatic if we ever had too.”

“Safe? I guess it just depends on who the lunatic many times have we heard "he was the nicest guy, no one would have ever thought he would do such a thing," when a guy snaps and takes out a coworker or some random person. There is no place for guns in nearly any workplace.”

What do other dealers say? Find out in the comments section at Do you want guns in your workplace?

For another perspective, check out Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich’s blog: Gun control: a hot and heated topic.

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