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As part of the bi-annual updates to the Uniform Inspection & Communication Standards (UICS) of the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP), a new feature is being offered with the check sheets for each of the component systems.

A Customer Interview section is now available on each of the check sheets. This area will allow the service advisor or technician to document the information provided by the customer in relation to the possible problems with the system.

“The Customer Interview section is a valuable addition to these check sheets,” MAP President Barry Soltz says. “The notes will help technicians diagnose the customer’s concerns when performing a visual inspection and road test of the vehicle.”

MAP provides separate check sheets covering the Battery, Starting & Charging System; Brake System; Engine Performance & Maintenance; Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning System; Routine Inspection; Steering & Suspension; and Wheels & Tires.

These check sheets, which include system diagrams to help explain the system to customers, provide a means for recording, printing and storing customer/vehicle information. They are available for download in a PDF format in the “Members Only” section of the MAP Web site at

“These inspection forms are valuable companion pieces to the easy, understandable language found in the Uniform Inspection & Communication Standards,” Soltz says. “The combination provides the person communicating with the customer an opportunity to explain the reason for the necessary repair and why the recommendation is in the best interest of the customer."

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