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TCS extends Software Giveaway deadline

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Tire Company Solutions (TCS) has extended its Software Giveaway Program deadline from May 15 to July 15 due to the "massive response" it has received from the tire industry, according to TCS officials.

To date, TCS is considering more than 100 applications submitted from tire dealers requesting to receive the free Tire Power Software package.

"As we consider each application and award dealers with our free software, we are both humbled and honored we are able to contribute to the industry during these changing economic times," says Shawn Puckett, TCS director of business development.

"In addition to extending our deadline for submitting applications for the program, we are not limiting the program to 25 packages," as originally intended.

"The need and desire for financial and technical assistance from dealers has been much larger than we anticipated and we are committed to doing what it takes to partner with dealers who are determined to flourish through these economic challenges."

One of the first recipients of TCS' free software was BZ's Tire Shop in Seguin, Texas. "As with many dealers around the country, BZ's Tire Shop has felt the impact of our changing economy and had no budget allotted to  make desperately needed improvements to their IT infrastructure," say TCS officials.

"In addition, (the dealership) is locatd in Guadalupe County, which is currently considered a local state of disaster due to the longest draught since the 1950s great Texas draught. Much of the agricultural business seen by BZ's Tire has been significantly slowed because of draught and fires"

The dealership "was looking for ways to cut overhead and keep a better hand on ways to increase margins as they work through these tought times."

Steven and Blanca Zoll, the owners of BZ's Tire Shop, say they are "thrilled to be a recipient of the free software package. After talking to other Tire Power users and consulting with TCS, I am confident Tire Power will play a large part in improving our bottom line as we work through these challenging economic and natural disaster challenges."

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