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Ingersoll-Rand Co. upgrades ARO-Flo series

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The ARO Fluid Technologies division of Ingersoll-Rand Co. has released an expanded and improved ARO-Flo series of filters, regulators and lubricators for use with pneumatic tools.

Compared to the old line of products, the new, completely modular line not only can be assembled more easily, but also allows for more customization "to meet specifications of various applications," according to the company.

The enhanced ARO-Flo products come in four series, varying in port size and maximum standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) for optimal fit to the application and tools used.

* Miniature 1000 Series with 1/8- and  1/4-inch ports, and a maximum flow of 57 scfm.

*  All-new Compact 1500 Series with 1/4- and  3/8-inch ports, and a maximum flow of 109 scfm.

* Standard 2000 Series with 3/8-, 1/2- and 3/4-inch ports, and a maximum flow of 222 scfm.

* Heavy-Duty 3000 Series with 3/4- and 1-inch ports, and a maximum flow of 381 scfm.

According to Ingersoll-Rand officials, several new safety features have been added to the upgraded ARO-Flo product line. Most notably is the positive-locking thumb switch on all polycarbonate filter bowls. The lock engages and disengages manually with an audible click to ensure it is securely in place.

A unique new feature is the integral gauge fan. This adjustable, easy-to-follow visual display allows the operator to quickly monitor pressure, and make sure it stays within the targeted range.

Also, T-brackets and panel nuts, which had been optional, are now standard.

The ARO-Flo series has a full line of accessories available. For more information, visit

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