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Federal Couragia M/T holds up in Asian rally

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Federal Couragia M/T holds up in Asian rally

The FIA-certified cross country rally "Asia Cross Country Rally 2012" began in Bangkok, Thailand. Nearly 1,000 miles later, it ended in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

And Federal Corp., with its Couragia M/T tires, was there the entire way.

Federal was involved in the annual 1,600-km race for the first time. The company said it used the race to "validate" its technological tire innovations under the most extreme conditions of use and take the brand and tire "to a whole new level."

"We’re looking forward to continuing our participation in off-road competition activities, while taking potential talents all the way to the very top of the sport for the coming season of 2013."

The international competition stretched over many different kinds of terrain, including:

* dirt,

* swamps,

* deserts,

* jungles,

* mountain roads and

* river-crossings.

Roslyn Shen, a female rally enthusiast who took part of the T1 Diesel category with support from Federal, said she was very pleased with the race debut of the Couragia M/T tire, She teamed-up with longtime participant Takatsugu Aoki from Japan, who was the navigator in their fine-tuned Mitsubishi Trition.

Federal is the first Taiwanese tire supplier to enter the Asia Cross Country Rally.

Tadayuki Sasa, the championship's organizer and managing director of R1 Asia Inc., paid a visit to Federal’s headquarters in Chungli, Taiwan, following the race. "They... applauded the exceptional capability and toughness of the tire," said Federal.

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