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Will you be ready if lead wheel weights are banned?

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The United States Environmental Protection Agency is scheduled to release its lead wheel weight regulatory investigation findings in November. Will lead wheel weights be banned nationally?

Will you be ready if they are?

To help you prepare for the EPA's findings, Perfect Equipment  Inc. is sponsoring a free webinar addressing lead vs. non-lead wheel weights. And we do mean free!

Hosted by Modern Tire Dealer, the webinar will feature multiple experts in this field. Perfect Equipment is bringing them together to discuss:

* where the country stands on the growing issue of lead wheel weight legislation.

* facts about each state's law and the penalties for a violation. For example, Kentucky has pending legislative that prohibits the installation of lead wheel weights.

* how to proactively and successfully rid your dealership of lead wheel weights.

* facts about the non-lead materials and how to decide which direction is right for you.

* how to train your employees on the true concepts of wheel balance in an effort to increase productivity and save money.

The free webinar will be held Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012, at 2 p.m. EDT. To register, go to

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