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Candidate uses tire tariffs as campaign fodder

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Candidate uses tire tariffs as campaign fodder

'Tis the season for plenty of campaign advertisements. Some of candidates approve those messages.

The latest blog by Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich disects the latest approved message by President Barack Obama. It centers around the tire tariffs he imposed on Chinese consumer tire imports on Sept. 26, 2009.

They were supposed to last exactly three years, So they will (hopefully) disappear on Sept. 26, 2012.

Six days prior to that, however, the Obama for America group ran an ad using the tariffs to back their candidate. Was it truthful?

To find out what Ulrich thinks, read "Tire tariffs saved jobs? Don't believe everything in a campaign ad."

And read the whole blog, because at the end of it, the author needs your help solving a mystery.

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