Federal Tyre and Conroy Motorsport aim for the win at the 6-Hour Production Championship in Australia

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Federal Tyre and Conroy Motorsport aim for the win at the 6-Hour Production Championship in Australia

Federal Tyre and Conroy Motorsport from Australia have teamed up secondly for the shot of glory at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Victoria, held over the coming weekend by the end of May, making it a well established team sponsorship arrangement in Australian Motorsport.

Conroy Motorsport, led by veteran racer Terry Conroy, has enlisted a team of highly credentialed technicians to set up and run their Honda Integra TypeS. The Honda fitted with Federal’s race-bred FZ-201 R Spec Radial tire has led them to claim several tremendous winning results in the past season. Federal’s FZ-201 semi-slick tire, from a team's perspective, is a tire which proved very consistent and durable over the race.

"We are really excited that Federal Tyre has involved their ongoing effort to promote brand through the launch of the Australian motorsport program with Conroy Motorsport,” says Conroy.

"The compound used in the tire under the Federal banner was suitable for speed (and) durability when used on the narrow and brutal racing circuit. Our success also comes from the great support of Federal Tyre. I am also satisfied with the performance and durability improvement of the FZ-201 tire, with all the Federal runners started further ahead on track, and putting in consistently fast times when other championship contenders raced alongside the 2011 Endurance Championship, even though in tough and dreadful track conditions.

"Our team finished first in its class, and we are confident that with the tire and the team we have assembled, we can make a successful lead for outright win.”

"The Federal-backed entry was built by Terry, and his team had a great record at the 2011 Australian Manufacturers Championship, and again rode very strongly this year," says Taz Yeh, project manager of Federal Motorsports (FMS). "We believe they will once again set the fastest race laps and seal the victory.

"Federal has tremendous accolades in endurance racing around the world at some of the most challenging tracks, including Sepang International Circuit and Nürburgring Nordschleife. We are very pleased to start our local motorsport program at a track where the circuit of Phillip Island is a great place to test our tire, and with experienced and professional drivers piloting the FZ-201, I think we can challenge the race's established names for the outright win.”

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