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If diagnostic service is sometimes hard for the technician to understand, imagine what it is like for the consumer who has to pay for it.

Bosch Diagnostics, a business unit of Robert Bosch GmbH, has released a must-read brochure for motorists. It is intended to help them understand how automotive diagnostics and vehicle flash reprogramming works -- and why they are important when servicing most vehicles.

The brochure, "Vehicle Diagnosis" (No. F00E380793) is a marketing tool. It explains that the increased complexity of today's vehicles means more and more vehicle systems (engine, fuel injection, antilock brakes, body control) will be managed by on-board computers.

(Bosch estimates thate 70% of vehicles have some type of Electronic Control Module reflash calibration available.)

"A shop that has invested in the most skilled labor and up-to-date technology may pass along additional fees they have incurred for the premium equipment and software from the vehicle manufacturer," it says. "It is because these shops have access to these advanced resources that the motorist receives the most efficient and accurate vehicle repair."

Copies of the brochure are available at any Bosch Service Center, or by e-mailing For more information, visit

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