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Two B.O.B. blogs for the price of one!

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After apparently taking Earth Day (Earth Week?) off, Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich has written not one, but two blogs on the same day.

The first, "The new 'Performance Handbook' is here! The new 'Performance Handbook' is here!" is pretty self-explanatory. The contents of our 14th annual "Performance Handbook" are highlighted. Find out why keeping this handbook at-the-ready will help make your dealership more profitable.

The second blog, "In Cleveland's case, there is such a thing as bad publicity," sheds some light on a recent Forbes article ranking Cleveland as America's most miserable city. That isn't the only publicity the city has received of late, but it's certainly the most derogatory.

Have a few minutes? Check out both blogs on And let us know what you think by leaving one or more comments!

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