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Midtronics launches informational microsite

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Midtronics Inc. has launched an informational microsite – or mini website – to provide customers with detailed information about the company’s newest diagnostic platform -- the DSS-7000 Battery Service Diagnostic System. The microsite URL is

The DSS-7000, introduced at AAPEX in November 2013, features full battery service management with VIN-driven testing and integration with the Midtronics Battery Management Information System (BMIS); advanced diagnostics for today’s most sophisticated battery and vehicle systems; and automated service applications via touch-screen tablet controller.

The microsite is currently available in four languages and fully outlines the benefits offered by the DSS-7000, as well as product imagery, screen and report examples, and details on key features:

* Complete Battery Management: Enterprise-wide battery management reporting and analysis is enabled with database-driven testing, VIN-based vehicle service records, and Wi-Fi networking to BMIS and network printers. Wi-Fi also enables easy software updates.

* Advanced System Diagnostics: Supports advanced battery and electrical system testing for conventional ICE, start-stop, hybrid, and EV/HEV vehicles. The DSS-7000 can also identify batteries with low reserve capacity, a key diagnostic feature with the number of accessory systems requiring battery support in today’s cars.

* Dynamic Service Experience: Connect the CVG to the OBD port, the clamps to the battery, and use the touch-screen tablet with pre-programmed service apps to launch automated testing specific to that vehicle. Technicians can also use the full-color, removable tablet to help customers understand test results and service recommendations.

“The DSS-7000 answers challenges posed by several new and future vehicles, including capabilities for new battery and system types, new business challenges, and a generation of service technicians familiar with app-based technology,” says Midtronics Executive Director of Marketing Will Sampson.

“We’ve incorporated a versatile, progressive blend of information, technology, and communication within the design of the DSS-7000 in order to support the complexity of battery and electrical systems both today and as they continue to evolve in the future. The DSS-7000 will help our customers keep their businesses, their data, and their service teams competitive in a changing marketplace.”

Visit for more information.

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