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Tire Talk with Mike

Mike Manges is the editor of Modern Tire Dealer. A 20-year-plus tire industry veteran, he is a three-time International Automotive Media Association award winner and holds a Gold Award from the Association of Automotive Publication Editors. Mike has traveled the world – including Asia, Europe and North America – in pursuit of stories that will help independent tire dealers move their businesses forward.

Blog Post

'A Crisis Can Give You Courage'

"The best time to make progress is during a crisis," says Don Mead, CEO of Callaghan Tire Inc....

“It seems like every 10 years, something like (the COVID-19) pandemic happens,” says Don Mead, CEO of Callaghan Tire Inc. in Bradenton, Fla. “There was the early-80’s recession, the early-90’s recession, the Great Recession and now this.” Mead says there are four things tire dealers should do during every crisis.