AgriMaxFactor From BKT Is 'E-Ready'

Nov. 11, 2022

Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT) introduces the AgriMaxFactor, a new 70-series tire for tractors that has an improved tread design for better handling and smooth roadability.

BKT says the tire's tread has been updated with longer lugs and a new lug orientation and angle, both of which help with comfort and handling. The tire is stable and yet offers a fast steering response, even at high speeds and with heavy loads.

The tire's polyester carcass provides strength. Six polyester belts and four polyester plies offer high stability at any speed.

The tire also bears BKT's "E-ready logo," a sign of the company's commitment toward electric mobility. All BKT products for electric vehicles will bear this logo. These new vehicles present unique tire challenges, and require a high torque moment and a higher weight on the tire. They will require new tread designs and compounds to better resist wear.

The AgriMaxFactor is available in three sizes:  600/70 R 30, 710/70 R 42 marked by the load index/speed symbol 173 D and 710/70 R 42 marked by the load index/speed symbol 176 D.

Another 12 sizes are under development and planned for launch in the  first half of 2023.